Benefits of a Dedicated Server To Your Business

Benefits of a Dedicated Server To Your Business Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Whether small or large, businesses face a wide range of options for hosting their mail server, web application, and website. There are several various options available in the market, and each type has its pros and cons. The key is to find the right combination. 


With dedicated server hosting, you can look forward to having more power and control over the use of the server's resources. Selecting a dedicated server means that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of having the entire server to yourself,  which is essential as your business grows. Dedicated servers also mean having the ability to manage your resources and perform configurations more efficiently. Despite being more costly than a shared server hosting arrangement, a dedicated server's benefits are worthy of the increased costs.


Benefits of a Dedicated Server:




One of the advantages of having a dedicated server is the increased reliability you get. Reliability means that server crashes aren't likely to occur. A lot of factors affect the speed of your website. Poorly optimized images, ads, and browser compatibility are among them, but these things are within your control. You don't need to worry about the traffic coming to your website. Your website already has the extra resources whenever there are periods of high-volume traffic. Unlike shared servers, the resources are used by a single business or entity only. You do not have to share resources with other users that might decrease or limit your processing power. 




Businesses have goals to increase their revenue and customer base. However, a limited number of resources provided in cloud and shared hosting solutions can result in dealing with the challenge of high traffic spikes. And this is a dedicated server's strength. 

A dedicated host will provide complete, on-demand performance. As the business grows, there will be a massive amount of overhead available on the dedicated server. Suppose the business grows exponentially, beyond expectations. In that case, additional dedicated hosts are easy to add, and the webmaster can separate website applications into different nodes to increase the platform's overall performance.




Security is a major issue especially for those who are using cloud hosting. Another important thing which you need security for is your web server. Businesses face a considerable number of challenges in preventing their server infrastructure from being breached. No matter the size of your business, you certainly can't afford to have your company's sensitive data fall prey to hackers and data thieves. Dedicated servers like bare metal cloud solutions occupy the entire operating system, making it faster, safer, and at a lower likelihood of hacking and interference. A security breach can halt business operations, damage reputations, and cause organizations significant revenue loss. Security is the main highlight of dedicated server hosting, as a dedicated environment provides unparalleled protection and accessibility to install security software like firewalls, anti-malware programs, and more. Moreover, it also allows for security patches and easy upgrades to offer strong security and protection against attacks or undesirable intrusion.


Unique IP address


A dedicated server plan means that IP address is yours and yours alone, unlike with shared hosting. With shared hosting plans, not only do you share server space and resources with multiple websites, but you also have the same IP address. This is a potential security and SEO issue. That's because, a spammed server tenant can expose you to similar attacks, slow down your website and negatively affect your SEO ranking.


A dedicated server plan solves the risk of having a shared site which can be classified as spam or an adult site. This will automatically push your own site’s ranking down on search engines. With a dedicated hosting server, you will not have those potential problems, as your server is exclusively yours. You will have your own IP address. This is also great for big companies operating an e-commerce site, which requires SSL for credit card processing.




Dedicated servers are the most cost-effective server available and provide you with the best value for your money. Cloud servers may look cheap superficially, but will over time accumulate in cost as you need more memory, whereas a dedicated server will offer more benefits, and can serve more clients at once than a cloud server can. A dedicated server provider will be able to maintain everything from its network to hardware. Dedicated servers are leased, meaning that should anything go wrong, the provider will be responsible, and you will not have to pay.




If you like to explore the capabilities of your website and personalize it, you've probably run into restrictions a time or two. Shared plans impose these restrictions because they can eat away at a bandwidth that needs to be spread around. Switch to a dedicated server and you'll see a world of difference when it comes to customization options. Introduce better feeds, implement new software, and take your website management to the next level. A dedicated server also gives you the flexibility of choosing an operating system that best suits your needs – choose from a range of Windows and Linux server operating systems.




A dedicated server offers major benefits to online businesses. If you are looking forward to growing and improving your customer base on your website, then you need better IT infrastructure including a dedicated server. Your website needs to accommodate the growing demand so having a fast uptime means that you are open and ready to serve your customers anytime. Huge companies and smart businesses are aware that only excellent performance for the best web hosting provider can deliver these positive results. With a dedicated server, you are able to do all of these and watch your business grow.


There are several competitions online. Your business is just one of many and there are already website giants with years of experience. A properly managed dedicated server hosting can help you to bring your A-game by providing higher performance, high-quality security, huge bandwidth, and control. All this is guaranteed to help the success of your business.


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