Improve your SEO ranking with an SSL certificate

Improve your SEO ranking with an SSL certificate Thursday, April 15, 2021

Improve your SEO ranking with an SSL certificate

You might have encountered the message- ‘your connection to the site is not fully secure’ while browsing websites. You might also notice that some URLs start with http:/ while others start with https://. As a website owner, you’ll want to make sure that you implement this feature to outrank your competition in search engines. Having an SSL certificate helps in boosting the ranking of your website.

SSL certificates are designed to make users feel secure while using the internet. As internet security and user privacy have become a constant concern, giant internet companies like Google have been pushing the initiative to encourage the adoption of SSL certificates on all websites.


What is SSL and how it works

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is responsible for providing an added layer of security by protecting the information of the users and visitors of websites. SSL is a security protocol that ensures all data can be securely transferred from a server to a browser. This binding connection reassures you that what you can see or access is kept privately intact.

In other words, an SSL certificate works as an electronic password that is used to protect user’s credentials when they visit and do business on your website.

An SSL certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority that authenticates the website’s identity. It also contains the certificate holder’s name, serial number and expiry date, and a copy of the certificate holder’s public key. The certificate protects your data and enables your users to have data security from hackers and maintain their confidentiality.

For example, if a hacker tries to break into your website to get crucial information, the hacker will not be able to access it because of the SSL certificate’s strong encryption of the data. An HTTP site, one without an SSL certificate, is on the other hand non-encrypted and is more susceptible to attacks.


Benefits of SSL for SEO

      Improved Security

A study done by the University of Maryland reports that for every 39 seconds, a cyber-attack occurs and 43% of these attacks are targeted at small businesses. It is important to understand that there is a reason why Google is gently pushing for HTTPS and penalizing HTTP sites. Simply put, it helps facilitate a safer, more secure internet.

Security is always given priority and for a huge internet authority like Google, it’s an opportunity to encourage website owners to strengthen their website’s security.

      Updated Browser Labels

Since the SSL certificate is located in the browsers, there are instances that the browsers will warn a website visitor that the page they’re trying to visit is not encrypted or is not using

using HTTP. Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera are marking sites without SSL certificates (HTTPs).

The “Not Secure” warning that Google displays all over your site when it doesn’t have an SSL certificate will discourage your customers not to click on your website. It also means that Google will mark your website as less authoritative than your competitors, which will lead you to rank lower in search rankings.

      Increased Conversion Rates

Users inarguably trust websites with secure connections more than ever. According to GlobalSign, 84% of users say that they would immediately abandon a purchase if the data was sent over to an insecure connection. Users feel confident when their transaction is carried out safely and their private information will be protected. Your prospective customers wouldn’t want to compromise their critical information such as card details, bank details or IDs on a website that isn’t responsible for using proper security measures to store their data.

And as you end up with less traffic on your website, it will lead to fewer conversions and your bottom line will be affected. If you’d like to improve your conversion rate, don’t give your prospective customers a reason to hesitate. It pays to add a trusted SSL certificate to let your customers know that you value their safety.

      Increased Customer Confidence

Finally, using a layer of security can work wonders for you in terms of your website's rankings. When customers recognize that padlock icon on your website and the “secure” label in their browser, it increases their confidence about your website. As customers trust your website and your brand, you acquire more customers in the long run. It’s social proof from your customers that will lead to good organic marketing results.



Whether you are a webmaster or a business owner, you have a responsibility to secure your website. Better SEO ranking is just an added benefit you get by securing your website.

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