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Why Accountants Should Choose Ezzi.Net| Ezzi| Managed Cloud Hosting| Monday, November 30, -0001

Why do accountants need managed cloud hosting solutions?

If you’ve been in the field for a while, you will know that cloud computing and hosting have changed the way you do your job. 

So much so that it’s now common practice across the industry. 

It has expanded the services you can offer your clients and has changed the way you interact with them. 

Add into this the security benefits that come with hosting on the cloud and the growth is unsurprising. 

Accounting software providers Sage and QuickBooks both use cloud hosting to help ensure clients get the services they need. 

Here at Ezzi.Net we also offer a cloud hosting service. 

Here are some of the benefits to you and why you should choose us as your provider. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Let’s just briefly discuss what cloud hosting actually is. 

Instead of using a traditional single server, it instead uses multiple servers that are all internet-based. 

Your data is then distributed across these different servers that work together to create a network. 

This network is called the cloud. 

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Hosting 

Over 90% of businesses are on the cloud.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to accountants of cloud hosting. 

1.   Costs Are Lower 

Costs are always an issue for every business. As an accountant you know how to manage a budget. 

Cloud hosting is much cheaper than maintaining a traditional computer network.

We at Ezzi.net offer automatic updates to the system as part of our plan. 

This means you always know you’re using the most up-to-date version without having to pay for new software every couple of years as with traditional software. 

When you host on the cloud, you also eradicate the need for paper documents. Essentially, you’ll never run out of space. 

This can save you money on storage while also creating a more efficient form of document management. 

 2.   Security Of Information 

As an accountant, you’re often dealing with sensitive information that has been trusted to you by clients. 

As the data is stored across numerous different servers instead of one, the information is more secure than the traditional storage of data. 

Automatic and regular backups mean the risk of losing information is also minimal. 

No more panic around tax filing season of the system going down! 

3.   It Facilitates Remote Working

More than ever before people are carrying out their roles remotely. 

Hosting your systems on the cloud helps to facilitate this as it removes the need for staff to go into the office to work. 

All the information is stored in the cloud which is accessible anywhere you have a computer and internet. 

4.   Disaster Recovery 

One of the biggest threats to online businesses in the 21st Century is cyber-attacks.

They can cause catastrophic devastation and ruin a business almost overnight. 

Add into this the risks that come with damaged hardware and theft, hosting on the Cloud is the safest option. 

Data backups are usually an automatic process, meaning information is not lost as a result of potential hacking or hardware issues. 

Ezzi.Net carries out daily automated backups. This makes sure you always have the most recent data possible if you need a recovery. 

5.   Timesaving 

Using Cloud hosting can help you to automate a number of essential bookkeeping processes. 

This includes things such as manual data entry of debits and credits. 

It also means that you no longer have to spend time on tedious and repetitive tasks – one of which being invoicing. 

It frees up your time so you can concentrate on the more important work. 

Another interesting way that cloud hosting saves you time is that it aids collaboration. 

Staff can all use the cloud at the same time meaning they can work on tasks simultaneously.

This all creates a better service for clients. 

6.   Less downtime 

Having your website or systems be down because of a problem with a single server, the nature of cloud hosting means it is much less likely you’ll face downtime. 

Put simply, if one server fails, another one will kick in straight away. 

Services Offered by Ezzi.Net 

Below are some of the services and benefits we offer when you choose to host through us: 

·      24/7 support – if you come across any issues, we’ll be here to help you at any time throughout the day 

·      Unlimited bandwidth– One of the reasons businesses choose cloud hosting is that it offers unlimited bandwidth. This means you won’t experience any of the issues that arise when you run out of bandwidth such as downtime and slow-running systems 

·      Dedicated cloud server – Ezzi.Net is the founder of the dedicated cloud server. This means that your information is safer than ever before as the server belongs to you and your business only. This helps you to get the benefit of cloud hosting such as brilliant overall performance while knowing your information is safe and secure. 

·      Fully Managed ­– we will manage the server for you completely meaning you have peace of mind that you’re using the safest and most up-to-date system. 

·      100% uptime guarantee – you never need to worry about your website or systems being down. We guarantee to keep you in business 100& of the time. 


Try Ezzi.Net Today 

Accountancy businesses like yours can only benefit from the safety, flexibility, and customization offered by cloud hosting. 

Are you ready to move your accountancy business to the cloud?

Here at Ezzi.Net, we have a number of different packages for all sorts of different needs. 

Want to chat with someone? Get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have.